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We help mums kickstart their journeys to lead healthy, active motherhoods! 

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Personal Coaching

Nothing beats having the chance to learn in a live classroom, at a personalised level. Whether you are a prenatal or postnatal mum, our goal in these sessions is to empower you with the right skills so you can continue an active, fit motherhood for life. 

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Online Classroom

Are you a mum who does have the luxury of time and resources to invest in actual classes? We do not want you to overlook and miss out on what is important for your long term health goals after pregnancy. So we have collated the important skills online for you to pick up at your pace. 

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Live Classroom

If you think you are alone on this journey to finding your emotional and physical self after motherhood, think again. At live classrooms, you get to meet other mums on the same journey and cherish the tribe that will walk this path together with you. 

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Prenatal Fitness

The main focus in our prenatal fitness program is to support a fast, smooth birth and beyond. Conventional exercises may not support your pregnancy goals at this stage ...

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Postnatal Fitness

If you are a new mum, this is a very vulnerable period where you will need the most support, to help you get back to your usual self - physically and emotionally. In fact, we believe it takes a village and a tribe to help you do that... >> Find Out More 

Welcome to Mums In Sync

A Mums In Sync, I have developed a framework based on my own experience as a mum and a certified personal trainer, trying to regain my fitness level after 2 pregnancies, 2 C-sections, 3 kids and to getting back in shape. Our approach is holistic and will help mums at different stages of motherhood overcome all the hurdles when they think about getting into tip-top shape. We work hard to coach you about the necessary thoughts and physical processes that will ensure success in your transformation journey. Eat Right, Move Right, Think Right, Find The Right Tribe.

"Even though we are only 2 weeks into the 6-week program, it has been very helpful to me already. Before this, each time I tried to feel my muscles down below by contracting it, I could not feel anything. The bulging tummy and zero sensation in the core area is not a great feeling. But just 2 weeks into the breathing exercises and gentle techniques that Kareen walked me through, I could feel that I am gaining control again. I know there is a lot more to improve upon, but at least I can feel again!"

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